Why Should I Get A Will – Interview With Mayer-Lorenz Law

Happy Monday everyone! I have a special guest this week – Jeff Mayer of Mayer-Lorenz Law Office. He is based in Lodi, and has a long-standing practice here. When we had lunch a while back, he mentioned the importance of estate planning and wills, especially for first time homebuyers.   Marine: Jeff, welcome! Thank you […]

Renting Your Home

Hi friends and family, it’s Marine from Realty Executives again, Happy Monday! I’m back for our Monday post. It’s going to be a little off topic again. I’m going to be talking about renting your home out. Let’s say that you got this amazing job offer, and you have to move away. There are a […]

Security Alert

Hi Friends and Family, it’s Marine from Realty Executives. Happy November! I hope you all had a great Halloween – I know my family and I did! For trick-or-treating this year, because I have three boys, I made them all dress up as pigs, and Mom and I were the Big Bad Wolf. It was […]

The Art of Compromise

Hi friends and family, it’s Marine from Realty Executives. It’s a beautiful Monday morning again, and it is sunny; I’m on my porch. And I’ll be really honest – it’s actually kind of cold! But it’s sunny, and it’s the end of October, and I’m going enjoy it, and I’m going to be stubborn. So […]